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Function, Custom Fencing
for Commercial and residential

Custom-Designed Fences

Ready to design a brand new fence for your home or commercial space? Dave's Architectural Iron has got you covered! Our owner Dave speaks with each client individually, to ensure you're vision is met. Each item is fabricated in our local shop in Paterson, NJ. 

Adept At All Things Fencing

We have more then two decades experience with custom fences. Opt for materials such as wrought iron or aluminum for durable, beautiful fencing. Whether you want a new fence for your modern home, or need to match the style of a historical renovation, count on us to get the job done right. 

01. Wrought Iron Fencing


Wrought iron is an excellent material for an outdoor fence. It is incredibly low maintenance, well-adept at standing up to all types of climates, including extreme weather such as high heat, rain, snow and more. You can be sure that a wrought iron fence can last far longer than a wooden version, and just needs a simple repainting or polishing to look brand new again. In addition to providing a number of functional benefits, wrought iron is also a beautiful material, creating a timeless, elegant look for all your fencing needs. 

02. Aluminum Fencing


Aluminum fence is an environmentally-friendly, popular choice among commercial and residential clients, due to the metals low density, superb ability to resist corrosion, and lightweight properties. You can design aluminum fencing to be in a wide variety of styles and colors, perfect for custom projects. In addition, aluminum fencing is low maintenance, easy to clean and resists weathering, making it a good option for a variety of weather. As well, aluminum can also be more cost-effective than other materials.


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