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Custom wrought iron, carbon steel
& aluminum railings - beautiful,
durable & functional.

Customized railings

Whether you need to create a barrier around your residence, block off a dangerous drop from a stairway or are looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to keep your pets inside the yard, Dave's Architectural Iron has got you covered! We create everything in our shop located in Paterson, NJ, and owner Dave speaks with each client to create completely customized designs.

Wide Variety of Services

With more than 20 years experience in metal works, we are well adept to work on a wide variety of wrought iron, carbon steel and aluminum railings. This also includes restoring historical homes as well as antique components. If you're unsure if we cover your project, contact us.

01. Wrought Iron Railings


Wrought iron is an incredibly durable material that also provide the added elegance many residential and commercial property owners are looking for. A wrought iron fence is a low-maintenance material that lasts long even in climates with extreme temperatures such as heat or rain. While a wooden railing may rot, wrought iron can easily be maintained with soap and water, and simply polished or repainted to look brand new again.

02. Carbon Steel Railings


Carbon steel offers a number of advantages as a railing material. It is often less expensive than stainless steel, and is incredibly durable and strong. It is best used in the indoor environment, with minimal exposure to the environment and outdoor elements. One consideration of carbon steel is that it requires a protective coating, to reduce corrosion. As well, regular maintenance should be carried out to keep it looking shiny and new.

03. Aluminum Railings


Aluminum railings also feature intrinsic pros and cons, good for both indoor and outdoor use. It is incredibly lightweight, but strong, with an ability to resist corrosion and rust. Aluminum provides a modern, clean appearance, and come in a variety of styles. Should you opt for aluminum, you can also enjoy low maintenance upkeep, without the need to paint or stain. Aluminum is also recyclable, so you can add this to the list of environmentally-friendly building materials!

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