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Structural wall panels made of steel:
durable, cost-effective, versatile
and so much more!

Structural steel wall panels

Steel is the ideal building material, perfect for structural design as well as structural wall panels. Want to know more about our structural wall panels? Read on!

01. What are Structural Wall Panels?


Structural wall panels are intended to fit within the steel structure, transmitting load from the wall panel to the structural frame itself. Structural walls panels are available in various widths and thicknesses, which depend on the individual project. In addition structural wall panels typically are engineered for both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. They are also used for a variety of purposes, whether it be shear walls, non-bearing or load bearing walls, or interior or exterior.

02. What are the Structural Wall Panel Criteria?


When designing structural wall panels, there are a variety of performance criteria to keep in mind. To maintain good air quality within the final structure, air filtration and water test performance should be assessed. In addition, insulation and sound transmission are necessary criteria of structural wall panels. Lastly, to ensure safety, fire resistance ratings are to be considered. Please consult us for more information about criteria for designing and fabrication of structural wall panels.

03. Benefits of Structural Wall Panels


Steel structural walls feature a number of benefits over other materials. Firstly, they are low maintenance, and may also be lower cost than other materials due to the speed of fabrication and ease of customization. Steel is also an incredibly sustainable building material, with the possibility to be 100% recycled. When in comes to large commercial projects, steel structural wall panels are also lighter than other materials such as brick or stone (as well as cost-effective). 

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